Guys I'm inactive here rn please I'm not taking requests I'm really sorry there's too much to do in my personal life and I don't feel like reading so I'm really sorry for not reading your books I hope you all will understand :) 



 Hey sorry for posting without permission but pls if you love read stories. Then give my story a chance. 
          I am writing two stories. 
          Her claim is my resently published story.That story is Ongoing. This is age gape story. 
          Angle's Devil. https://www.wattpad.com/story/337697703-angle%27s-devil 
          It's mafia romance Which I have  completed recently. 
          If you like plz share with your friends  and plz vote
          Plz give it a try it won't disappoint you  
          Also do follow me for updates in both the stories. 
          I will wait for your response.


Sorry for posting here? Can u plz check out mine book? 
          I would appreciate it if you could take a look at it. 
          The name of the book is   Agnihotri's- The Sinner. 
          Plz do vote and comments too.
          I think you'd like this story: "Agnihotri's- The SINNER" by savage_alone07 on Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/story/349767141?utm_source=android&utm_medium=whatsapp&utm_content=story_info&wp_page=story_details_button&wp_uname=savage_alone07&wp_originator=3SSmD%2F0Yq1OA46a6QOplcVRTToRbM7Wto9eUcjXdmdjkskDuJMranL%2BrrbF3EZA5AknLZ%2B2L%2FYOm8n5AixFiZQR%2BSNkheI3yjyAuxCZtLW1WpGfcoNI%2Fji6fsWcY7Gf4


Hi there!
          Hope you're doing well! If you have time please do read my book Living the life! It's a love story of an Indian army officer and an ordinary girl! I would love to know what you think! I'm sorry if I spammed you.
          Thank you :)
          Have a great day!


Hey there... Thank you for your attention.
          Are you up to reading a story that's just a story? It's not a typical Wattapad story that you come across. No Tropes, No Themes, No Cheesy Characters!
          It's the story of a girl named Zia, as she sees her life.
          If you like her story, please comment and share your thoughts.
          If you tried reading it but didn't like it, please let me know about that too.
          Thank You.