Without him- interesting story about how love keeps people together and are able to fight all the obstacles in their way


I've just read all 5 chapters for Over. I love the idea of couple that fall out of love and try to fall back in... I can't wait to know the reason why Bryce and caye are fighting and I'm hoping for adult scenes and more drama xD  


hi, hello friends. with the beginning of the new year, i’d like to establish my existence. i am still alive and partly active on wattpad (more as a reader). 
          secondly, i’d like to apologize for leaving all of you hanging with over and stopping my updates. i want to finish the story but have reached a writer’s block that was stressed by my busy schedule with school. 
          i ask you to please continue to be patient with me as i’ll try my best to complete over. x 


I've read both Exposed and Without Him and they are amazing!!!! Can't wait to start reading Over.


Over is such a good story but it's been months since you've updated. Hope to see a new chapter soon!