You can call me Zy or Shay
He/him or she/her pronouns either one uwu
Let's see
I like animals. Especially marine ones and birds. I love wood creatures too. In summer you can find me wondering the woods with my camera and a crow. Probably I'll have my puppy, Coco, with me too.
I love studying marine biology and bilogy in general. I'm fifteen but I'm starting college pre-med. I wanna be a pathologist yay!!!
My favorite numbers three. I love nine because three threes is nine yk?
Uhm, I'm allergic to everything green that grows (yes I know, doesnt mix well for loving woods but to be fair im allergic to animals and still love them, have Elhers-Danlos and played rugby, guess I'm a living oxy-moron)
I'm Malaysian-Chinese American. I speak a little Chinese a little ASL because my parents speak both. I only knowenough Cantonnese, and Malay to insult my siblings.
By the way I have Three. Two brothers and one enby sibling.
Im asexual and panromatic. I say fight me too much and i love you too easily.
I'm a witch. Fire affinity and nature drawn. Wolf is my totem and I've got a crow I think? I'm not sure really uwu

Annnddd If you've made it through this you deserve an award because dannng this is long. You can totally message me I'm always open to friends just be a good person and well be gucci

我想要巧克力奶昔 XD
(I want like a dairy free cookie frap from starbucks pls someone)
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I'm reading Les Mis for world lit gotta say not bad but dang it is loonnngg
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