"Stop thinking of what could go wrong, 
start thinking of what could go write. "

Plot Bunnies-

"Sad people always try and make other people happy, because they know how terrible it is to feel worthless."

{Things about Amanwen = @MiddleEarth111}

-Martial Artist student of both Karate and Kung Fu.
-Life long fan of the Professor J.R.R.Tolkien!
-Proud Asexual 🖤💜
-Starter of #SingleEllethSquad, F.M.F (Rip FMF T-T) and The Sass Queens™
-Short little hobbit with the soul of an elf and the humor of a dwarf.
-I'm always here for you guys, so if you ever need ANYTHING hit up my main account @MiddleEarth111
•my smol bean. (hey Amanwen! *waves*)

"I think there's a flaw in my code,
these voices won't leave me alone." - Halsey; Gasoline

{Things about Lithwen = @Twilightshadow-of-NC}
•wannabe artist
•proud bi ❤️💜💙
•main fandoms; LotR, warriors, MCU
•an elf who will always be there for her friends
•if you ever need anyone to talk to, hit me up on my main account
(hiiiiii Liiiiiith!!)

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