this message may be offensive
Please stop commenting things like “we were robbed” under chapters of The Dutch Boy which used to contain smut, but don’t anymore. I spent years hating that book and I finally had the time to edit it and I put a lot of work into it, only to find that everyone is complaining about the changes I made. No one is entitled to smut, and I have gotten literal death threats telling me to put it back. So, yeah, I’m sorry if the book that you are reading for FREE doesn’t meet your standards, but you can literally fuck off I don’t give a shit and I’m gonna mute anyone who comments shit like that again. 
          	I would have deleted The Dutch Boy a very long time ago if it hadn’t have gotten so popular. But if I continue to get comments like this, I will delete the book for good, because I don’t like it, and at the moment I’m not getting a lot of positive feedback about it, so why should I keep it up? 
          	I’m taking a break from Wattpad for now, I’m feeling a bit disheartened by recent commenters, but I’ll try to be back soon. Lots of love, 
          	Pix ❤️ 


this message may be offensive
@Pixie022 fuck the smut, we don't need it, we read for the plot and the story otherwise wed watch porn


@Pixie022 EXACTLY!!! WHO THE FUK CARES IF THERES NO SMUT, u are my fav wattpad wrier, cuz the duth boy was FUKING GORGEOUS!!! it ws so so so so cool, and well written and mahn its one of my favs, AND ALL OF UR OTHER BOOK ARE JUST AS OOL AND AWESME AND AMAZING, I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU, MARRY ME PLS @Pixie022


@Pixie022 EXACTLY!!!!! The Dutch Boy is a masterpiece no matter what "smut" is in it or not. their love story is beautiful and fun, thank you so much!!!!


I love your stories so much Thank you so much for writing them
          I would honestly kill to have a physical copy of the Dutch boy and oakleaf academy 


Hey I think the dutch boy and battle scars are great. It makes me realise that I also need a little therepy about some things in my life.Maybe I will next year cause my parents don't think that it is a problem. So when I will leave for uni, I am definitely gonna see a therapist even if only for once. Thank you for writing these books.


Hey!! I just wanted to tell you I love your book The Dutch Boy and it's sequel!!! It's one of my favs and I love it!! Thanks for the book! Take care and Love you❤


i have had my wattpad account for a while now and have never chosen to follow anyone, you are now the first author ive followed :D your writings are truly remarkable. oakleafs academy for boys is the only bxb story that i have ever completed ngl,, i never complete any stories because in the middle, they just turn out all the same but this story was really the first story i have completed AND the first fictional story to make me cry LOL