Hi, I am one of the Authors of Yy0nn123

Shinobu is better than Giyuu in my opinion, you cannot change my mind.
My Otps: Sasusaku and Victuuri and Tsukkiyama and KakeHai and Solangelo. But I LOVE Solangelo more..SOLANGELO4EVER!!!! I'm shipping it until I die, my last words will be: "I did it, I shipped Solangelo for life." Then if I turn into a ghost, I'll keep shipping it. NO ONES STOPPING MEH!!!

My best waifu: Sakura Haruno/Uchiha. FITE ME!! SHE'S THE BEST! SHE'S A GODDESS. AND SHE'S MY ONLY WAIFU. I like her and that's that, I don't CARE if Kishimoto said that she's a bad character, because in my opinion, she's the best. Kishimoto is Kishimoto, and I am me, we are two different people, so we both have difference thoughts.

My Best Husbando: I don't have any and I never will, the closets one would be Nico di Angelo but I don't simp for him..I SIMP FOR SOLANGELO. But yes he has been my favorite character ever since he was introduced. Plus he's not an anime character lol.

Pjo HoO and ToA characters I have mentioned!

Will: Character created and owned rightfully only by our most best author (In my opinion) Rick Riordan. Full name: William Andrew Solace. Birthday: According to the internet its August 23. Currently in a relationship with Nico di Angelo. *Squeals. Oh and the Son of Apollo and Naomi Solace.

Nico: Character created and owned rightfully by Rick Riordan who is a literal god of writing!! Full name: Nico di Angelo. Birthday: 1932 (That's what the wiki says) January 28, Italy, Venice just about 7 years before world war II. Son of Hades and Maria di Angelo, little brother of Bianca di Angelo and technically, biologically the older sister of Hazel levesque. Currently in a relationship with Will Solace. *Fangirls even more

My current profile pic: Solangelo duh..I'm never changing it. I REFUSE TO CHANGE IT. I REFUSEEEE. I WILL NEVER CHANGE IT YOU HEAR ME?! NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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