Lots of news!
          	1) I completed my first story! It's a historical fiction called The Champions Chariot Race: A Historical Fiction on Roman Chariot Racing. Why don't you guys check it out if you have time/want to?
          	2) I'm sticking to the 'every Monday' update, so yay!
          	3) I'm working on 30 different fics right now; 16 on this profile, 8 that will be coming out soon on my second profile Volleyball_Trash, 4 that will be coming put soon on my collaboration account ThatCollabAccount, which is a collaboration account with TheLonelyRose5 and That_Homestuck
          	4) Please comment your thoughts on my stories in the fanfictions! Knowing how you guys like my stories (if you even read them) helps me improve my writing and helps me edit the stories so they're even more enjoyable for you!
          	That's all for now! Bye!


@PiTheSpy Wow. That's a lot of good news! :D


I'm also helping my friend write 2 fanfics on her profile, TheLonelyRose5


casually becomes your 200th follower :>


Can you please update Haikyuu Mom Squad-we have a problem.I really like it and want to know what happens next.I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


Zelda:link i have a note from who and dont ask me ok


Hollaa- remember me?


Could you write a new chapter for the legend of zelda four swords ~ love at first


Hi again! (ik it's been a while.. ^ _ ^')
          Wanted to send a thank you for yer votes on my storu! rly do appreciate it ^w^ !!


Hey @PiTheSpy just thought I would let you know I finally updated The Outside and plan on updating more frequently! :)