Today I will finish Three Eleven Thirteen to get that story out of the way. The top three books are The Bone Cutter, The Skeleton in Me, and Idolize Me, so expect many updates for those books for the next few weeks until I properly organize all my documents. . .  which will take me a while :(


@PaperMars can you focus more on the skeleton with in me. That book just rips my heart to shreds and   i need more of that lmao




Hi! I don’t usually do this kind of thing but I just binge read Idolize me and I’m obsessed with it. I love it so much and I’m so excited to see what you have in store for the rest if the book. I hope you’re doing well.  


Hi Miss Paper Mars!
          Well, I have some sources that swore to me that Mars is having an adventure out in space, but I decided to check it out myself. Since u been away for a while I was wondering if you're doing ok. 
          Best regards,


Hahahaha were do you get your sources from? I would like to know more 


Assalamualaikum kak, saya punya cerita wattpad yg membahas pertanyaan dalam seputar Islam, banyak pertanyaan yang pada umumnya di tanyakan. Silahkan lihat di
          Semua nya ada disitu. Di vote dan di coment juga yaa terimakasih ♥️


Your works should be filmed and deserves oscar 


@archimendess couldnt agree more 


@archimendess Ikrrrr im gonna support it with all of my heart lol


@archimendess I've thought about this so much, it would be the best thing if they were filmed. Like the concept is so different and unique and beautifully dark. They would have to be well made, though, like spot on and no mistake. 


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Hi PaperMars!! I just finished reading ELLIE.. Ahem I mean 3-11-13!:)
          I don't have enough words to praise your work! You are one of my favourite authors in wattpad!!
          Bone cutter is also one of my most "impatiently" awaited book in my archive!
          Anyway this post is just to show my love for this book of yours 
          I was actually  dreading for the epilogue in Ellie thinking it would be morbid and not a "happy ending"  per se but to my utterly grand surprise you gave us readers a beautiful end to match the breath taking story of E&R.
          I love how your protagonists are not 'perfect' and flawless... It made them more relatable and REAL.
          Esp Ripley..despite being in grief over her father's death  she still had so much compassion and empathy for the 'being' that killed her dad despite it being accidental. I was surprisingly  touched by her  kind and caring attitude that is not often seen nowadays in books where femme Fatale or girl 'who- doesn't- take shit - but-gives-shit' & vice versa is the norm for female leads 
          And Ellie is so... Innocent... Not pure dare I say . Like a little kid.. Just amazed by the world & his curiosity for 'dogs'? 
          it was fascinating to read from his insights as well 
          All along I was clutching my heart and dreading reaaching the end whilst  preparing for Ellie to get captured and experimented on.. Or die protecting Ripley.. Lol that's what I deduced from reading most Sci fi novels.  Cannot tell you how glad I was to be wrong about my assumptions 
           Sorry.. I don't usually 'spam' this way on an artist's page but I couldn't help myself!
          You deserve all the love and praise for your art!! I hope to someday see your books published because I dam sure would   buy one! 
          You have quite an innate talent for writing..
          Please continue being this awesome and gifting us with  such beautiful stories!!
          Ps: this book doesn't need any rewriting imo but If/when you do I will certainly read it again ❤️


@Angelmammung777 I just come from finishing it. Saw this message, and could not agree more.