Pronouns: they/them
(But I do like the name Steven)
Sexuality: ;) (I like girls only lmao, they're hot)
Ugh my username sucks, I hate it and want to change it, but I can't lol
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good
Mischief (not) managed
Ew my old bio was so gross
My reading lists are terrible, I gotta change them.
But well, uh, a lot of the good books I read I never add to my library lol. But I do love reading fanfic, bxb (mxm), and gxg
How's life?
(I'm dying inside)

Anyways I'm drowning in all my ships and fandoms
If ya wanna talk, that's awesome, I'll respond
Love you!

Please send help
  • the trash can behind your house
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