Trans (he/him) and Pan
I go by Oliver or Ollie/Olly/Oli (or however you wanna spell it)
Disappointment to society
Panic! At The Disco is where it's at
I write actual stories on occasion-
Iron Man is awesome and I've seen all three Iron Man movies multiple times
I like Musicals
The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals is fucking great-
There is a damn Bee Movie musical
My favorite Creepypasta is Ticci Toby
I like Black Butler and BnHA/MHA
Present Mic is a very underrated character
I ship: KiriBaku, EraserMic, ShinKamiSero, DabiHawks, TodoDeku, MomoJiro, InkoMight, Tsuchako, Iida x Hatsume, Hagakure x Mina, Tokoyami x Shoji, Mirio x Tamaki, Iida x Kaminari, Spinner x Magne, Ukai x Takeda, Rin x Suguro(Bon), Sebastian x Ciel, Italy x Germany, Viktor x Yuuri, Abe x Mihashi, Angel Dust x Alastor, Charlie x Vaggie, Alexander Hamilton x John Laurens, Evan Hansen x Connor Murphy, Kurt Kelly x Ram Sweeney, Michael Mell x Jeremy Heere, Yu Nishinoya x Asahi Azumane, Wade Wilson(Deadpool) x Logan Howlett(Wolverine), Jake Dillinger x Rich Goranski, Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy, Fiddleford McGucket x Stanford Pines, Gregory House x James Wilson, Ticci Toby x Masky, Joseph Christiansen x Robert Small, William Afton x Henry Emily, Sherlock Holmes x John Watson, Takehisa Hinawa x Akitaru Ōbi, Sirius Black x Remus Lupin, Fujinuma Satoru x Kobayashi Kenya
Animes that I recommend: Bleach, Yuri!!! on Ice, My Hero Academia, Assassination Classroom, Your Lie in April, Haikyuu!!, Blood Lad, Black Butler, Hetalia, The Promised Neverland, Big Windup, Blue Exorcist, Durarara!!, Stars Align, Fire Force, Erased
Fandoms I'm apart of: My Hero Academia, Black Butler, Gravity Falls, Heathers, Starkids, Hamilton, Sherlock Holmes, Creepypasta, Be More Chill, Harry Potter, Dear Evan Hansen, House M.D, FNaF, Hazbin Hotel

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BNHA one shots
Some are longish one shots and others are shit I came up with and most of them are unfinished
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