Hello everyone!
          	I hope all of you are doing okay during this pandemic. Please stay at home, do proper hygiene, and always wear mask. If you're bored, read Wattpad or go watch something on Youtube. Don't go out. 
          	As a reward, I'll be updating my stories this week. I won't let you guys hanging. 
          	I guess you want to know why I've been idle for so long. First, I've gone back to studying, which restricts me from writing. On top of that, I also have work. I'm currently working from home.
          	I'm also studying Spanish (online classes) because I want to learn the language. So one of these days, I'm going to apply what I've learned on some of my stories, and see if that's enough.
          	Also, I'll be asking some of you - especially to those readers who are living in the US. If you are living in the US, I need your help. Apparently my lazy a** can't search online. I just want to know how education system works in the US, considering I don't pretty much idea and all the settings in my stories are US. 
          	Again, stay at home and stay cool. Love you guys a lot. Keep reading Wattpad!


@OralKel kuya kayo rin magingat rin kayo,and take your time if it'll help you brainstorm while studying and working but don't overwork yourself too much kuya, as for the US culture....im not sure if I can be a help but... I have searched some stuff for you,and for your story I guess....https://m.grin.com/document/309290 I hope it's alright, anywho Ingat kayo


@OralKel thank you.. Its so very nice story..


@aininmm27 I'm writing as we speak ;)


Hi , I am new and if you like fantasy it would be very kind of if you could read out my book Adam's ale ..... thanks ❤️