Hey! You, over there in the ----- coloured shirt! You just won at prize! The prize is finding my profile over the millions of other people! Congratulations!

Well, my name is Sarah 😄 and I'm Canadian. Lemme share some facts with you, seeing that you don't know me too well from the fact I'm Canadian and my name is Sarah. 😊

-♔ I love all animals!

-♚ I'm a Leo and I'm proud of it, why do people dislike my sign so much?♌

-♔ I love Kpop and the fandoms in it 😀 I'm a bit new to Kpop, seeing I've only been into the concept for for months now, and I quite like BTS the most. Other groups are awesome but I think I should get to know them better before listing them as well. 😉

-♚ I like Anime as well 😊

-♔ I'm 17 years of age

-♚ I'm very kind, except on my bad side.. But I promise, I'm a sweet girl!

-♔ Of course, I'm a female ♀❤

-♚ I actually like Roleplay.. 😫 Please don't hate on me for that fact.

-♔ I'm weird 🐹🍄

-♚ I'm Lonely 😥 Someone please become my friend, seeing my other friends have left me. 😫💔

I hope that was enough for now.. And I hope you don't think too weird of me. 😅💖

"Stars can't shine without darkness" - Anonymous ❤⭐
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