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✦ O n e o P i e c e W a t t y A w a r d s ✦

✔ One Piece Wɑттʏ Awɑʀᴅs Aᴅmιns
『 Shiro-can → @Rocklee_Toshiro1993

» Anyone can enter.
» Your story does not have to be completed in order to enter. You can vote up to two different stories per category, but you cannot vote for yourself.
» You can enter 2 stories per category.
» Books that have won 1st place can't be entered again.

» Monkey D. Luffy
» Portgas D. Ace
» Sabo
» Roronoa Zoro
» Nami
» Usopp
» Sanji
» Tony Tony Chopper
» Nico Robin
» Franky
» Brook
» Straw Hat Pirates
» Trafalgar D. Water Law
» Eustass Kid
» Marco
» Dracule Mihawk
» Shanks
» Donquixote Doflamingo
» Donquixote Rocinante
» Coby
» Vinsmoke Reiju
» Vinsmoke Ichiji
» Vinsmoke Niji
» Vinsmoke Yonji
» Charlotte Katakuri
» Other
» Cross-Overs
» AU
» One-Shots
» Whitebeard Pirates
» Marines
» Yonko
» Shichibukai
» Worst Generation

『 P R I Z E S 』
✪ 1st ~ All chapters voted for + fan
★2nd ~ Half of the chapters voted for
✰3rd ~ 5 Voтeѕ

Entries: March 1st → October 31st (OPEN)
Voting: (CLOSED)
Tie Breakers: (CLOSED)
Winner Announced: (If there's tie breakers)

*There must be at least 3 stories per category for it to be eligible!*

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