Hi people 
* waves in sloth speed *
So welcome to my profile.
What can i say, there is so much and absolutely nothing to say at the same time. *sighs*
But I'll try.

Me? I absolutely love writing. I kinda have to because i don't know a way without doing it.
Reading, part of my identity.
I am a reader i am a writer.

Reading requests are welcomed and followed through genuinely.

Also if you got time checkout my work. I am open and really appreciative and genuinely grateful for any type of constructive criticism or just the time you might invest in my writings.

Extra: i like things which are weird in an interesting sort of way. If that makes sense *glances sideways *
Paranormal stories interests me so does horror, mystery, romance. Oo chocolate anyone? Me for sure. Food basically.

Thank you for stopping by. I might catch you around here. (this sentence seems weird but ehh) * fades into the background, smiling creepily,showing off my triple chins*

P.s. Did i tell you i suck at this bio thing? Well now you know.
* flies away on my broom *
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