Hey readers! Just an explanation and a heads up as to why I haven't updated Charlie's story :X it's not been abandoned or put on hold.
          	My husband and I just bought a house on Friday! Hurray! So the last few weeks have been spent packing and cleaning our rental, and the last few nights have been spent working on the new place. I let two drunks convince me at 1 in the morning, 12 hours after we bought the place, that we should tear down the old plaster and put dry wall up...so the last three days have been spent building freaking walls lmao. So updates will definitely be slow to come out I would anticipate a few weeks before it really gets rolling as we work on the house and also we have a pretty big doctors appointment for our son next week so...yeah lol.
          	Stay tuned it will come, I haven't abandoned it at all I just really feel strongly about having  walls in my living room xD 


@ObsceneIrrationality Congrats that's so exciting!!!


@ObsceneIrrationality congratulations


Just wanted tot say that i loved your books. They were and are keeping me Bush doe a good while en loved alle the twist. Must say it was great too that you tried to add a fair share of maffia details in them. You really did a great job here


Hi!! Can you write a story about Sergio in the future maybe?? Bcs he have a different live from Alessio so I'm curious. I also kind of obsess with your books and really looking forward for the next story❤


Hi! Any chance of writing the continuation of after hours? I really love it.and i'm curious what's it's going to be now that the affair has ended.


It scares me how obsessed I am with your books. You've one of the few professionally written books on wattpad and your stories are just amazing. I hope to buy one of your published books someday. 


Hello everyone 
          I'm a new writer on wattpad although I have written a few books on radish among which two of them have reached 1 million + likes. I hope you all will at least give a look to my books. 
          Although I have updated the description of two books but I will be completing 'hold me' first. It is more or less like fifty shades of grey with a twist of romance and mystery.
          Link to ' hold me': https://my.w.tt/uSoVt7yLo0


I have an obsession with your books ....
          I love your books so much that every single one gas me hooked . Just discovered the books a few weeks ago and can't get enough of them . Yet to read Charlie's story . 
          Love from Lizzy


I just wanted to say that i loved your midnight mafia books it was amazing your a really great writter. 


Hi .  you know for a moment i thought i was crazy for reading your books over and over again but i just read the messages people sent you, turns out im not the only one thats hooked on the Midnight Mafia series! . I love your work and i hope you keep making such incredible books. 
          Your books deserve to be published, I absolutely love them!