Hello! Ninja here! 
People also know me as @NinjaTurtleManiac

I am a Christian Texan girl with a YouTube called NinjaTurtleManiac!

I am the leader of the Wattpad group @Unmasked_Psychos

Here is where I am posting original stories and NOT Fanfiction!

Sometimes those get annoying because I really want to write originals, because I have good ideas but too many books on my other account. I will be active on both though!

¡Vaya con Dios!
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Stories by Time
The Fallen by Ninja_M_Shadow
The Fallen
These Fallen Angels, banned from Heaven, all in different ways, must fight their way to not be dragged to Hel...
A Vacant World by Ninja_M_Shadow
A Vacant World
Dark, cold...freezing, and silent. It was digging into my mind, painful and depressing. I couldn't stand the...