n. pl. nem·e·ses (-sēz′)
Greek Mythology The goddess of retributive justice or vengeance.

n. (tär′tər-əs)The abysmal regions below Hades where the Titans were confined

Hello wattpad readers!!This is not my first account here, but on this one I will share with you my love for history and mythology. Here is a list of some of my favourite topics :

1) Greek Mythology
2) Egyptian Mythology
3) The Roaring Twenties
4) Victorian Era
5) The 16th century
6) Witches
7) Astrology

I make my own graphics but please do not ask me for any. This is an account for writing purposes only.

I am not a professional writer so I do make mistakes. Whatever works I post will be drafts, edited once the book or series is finished. My updates will be sporadic.My works will contain content that not everyone may be comfortable with reading. I'm not going to put a rating on it but consider yourself warned, you'll know yourself if you should be reading it or not.

Ρεrsοηαl :

♦ As mentioned above, I have an amaranthine love for history, and mythology in particular. If I stumble upon anything related to it, I will instantly fall in love!
♦ To travel is my dream. A result of being born and raised in small towns.
♦ Everything about me is scattered and unplanned. I find that if I plan something beforehand, I get bored easily.
♦ English is not my first language which is another reason why I will most likely make mistakes.
♦ I love music (who doesn't?) and will definitely be making playlists for my works.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that you enjoy my works. Honest feedback is always welcome!
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