I get that like nobody does this.. or maybe they do  but I just wanted to let you know IM A PROUD SLYTHERIN AS WELL!!! People are always so quick to judge us cuz the books were from Harry’s POV but what if they were from Draco’s POV huh?  


@Xx_StarInTheDark_xX exactly... There's a whole world of Slytherin that we never got to discover because the book series are obviously centered around Gryffindor. I wish we saw more than glimpses of their true nature because not all Slytherins are bad and I believe the whole (or the most of) Slytherin's "bad aura" or however you wanna call it comes from the fact that everyone assumes Slytherins are bad without even trying to get to know them. I know many of them are self righteous assholes but there are so many stories behind each of them that the whole hate towards Slytherin literally pains me. 
            Thank you for saying this! Stay well ❤