Happy Earth Day, National Geographic fans! Thank you for your patience while our judges made the incredibly difficult decision of selecting just 1 winning entry from thousands of amazing #PlanetOrPlastic stories. 
          	Now the exciting news...our judges have deliberated and the winning entry is Ouroboros by @Sandcat- ! This stand-out submission made waves within the Wattpad community, and won the hearts of our judges! 
          	You can read the grand-prize winning entry here:
          	Please join us in congratulating our winner @Sandcat- ! 
          	A massive thank you to everyone who entered our #PlanetOrPlastic contest. Every story submitted is a step toward turning the tide on our global plastic crisis. With your support, we can truly create an ocean of change. 
          	We have a few more exciting #PlanetOrPlastic announcements in store for you in the coming days - stay tuned!


@NationalGeographic hope that pple embrace nature an learn that littering ainnt good


@NationalGeographic I hope this makes people realize the consequences of littering.  Congrats @Sandcat-


i love the earth, it’s truly a beautiful place. but, human don’t see that, and they continue to ruin our home. which is sad, it really is. so, if you see this, please try your best to be good to this planet. stay safe and healthy.
          sincerely, @urlocaldork.