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Okay, I have a few Japanese (and occasionally German) words in my stories, courtesy of watching too much anime (and learning German) :P I also use {} parenthesis for author's notes, and i means Italics and i0 means Italics out outside of stories (since I can't use actual Italics).
I hope you enjoy my stories! ED
I don't own the pic for my profile; I just added a picture of a Katsuki bug I took (satisfied smirk)
One more thing, please read each and every chapter because it will not make sense if you read one and skip another. One person seemed to do that, and the chapter s/he skipped was very important. Guys, every chapter is dire, so don't skip chapters. It will be confusing if you do skip them.
Of course, I've got one more thing to say =_='' Okay, please tell me if u want it updated because I update certain ones depending on who likes it. Also, COMMENT. Tell me what you like or dislike please!!
Yet one more thing for those that keep up with my stories :'( Thank you SO much. It really helps. If there were no readers for some of my stories, I don't think I'd be writing :''( I get excited when I see someone reading it and/or following me, and that means I'm extremely happy about all my followers! Thx TvT
Btw, I don't know if you noticed, but my "reading lists" are for personal use :P
Also, I'm currently in a yaoi phase, so any of my straight stories are on hold.
Dear Bullies,
That boy you pushed in the hallway today? He killed himself a few minutes ago. That girl you just called fat? She's overdosing on dietary pills. That guy you slammed into the locker the other day? He's getting abused at home. That girl you've subtly mocked since elementary school? She's constantly torn in two over every little thing, including whether you're bullying her or not. Repost if you're against bullying. I bet 90% of you will just look past it. But that 10% who don't, you're worth more than diamonds.
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I think my schedule is okay! I finished everything on time last week, and my projects are coming along nicely. I am adding a weekly study session with two of my classmates, though, and I have been...
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