I'm really itching to write new stories, but I can't see to find the time to do so. Anyone still alive here? I really miss my own little wattpad space. I miss you guys so much.


@MysterySender if you want to write more books, try making a list of things to do in the day, and try space them out so you have some free time.
          	  There are other solutions but that is the one I know.
          	  Sorry if that didn’t help!


@MysterySender can I just express my deep appreciation for your wiring skills!!! your amazing. love you


I look for your profile every so often just to check if you haven’t written any new stories. You’re too good!


Ok now that's a big thing  I finished all your stories..and I want new ones......
          The one that made me cry the most was flower boy everytime y/n's family plot came up..when I say I cried..I CRIED UGLYYYYYY..
          Love your stories tho ❤


Hi Rosie! 
          I just want to tell you, that I started to write because I got inspired by you. Earlier I really feared to write but now I'm finally doing it! I have read all of your books based on BTS. You write beautifully. 
          Thank you Rosie for inspiring me to write without even trying. 
          Love, Pal. 
          (your every work's admirer) 


Hello Rosie and everyone.
          I have just read "Eyes" to the end and I think it's almost unable to not read the story! I will not open any secret read it by your own but it's just amaJIN! 
          And Rosie! 
          ❤️ (idk your favourite colour, u can pick ) 
          If you see this I wanna aprecciate your hard work, sleepless nights, headaches and maybe also writers block depressions because you made beautiful masterpiece! "Eyes" is super book I love it and I used many paper tissues......
          You definitely have a "gift", this book is breathtaking!
          Have a nice day or night!!!