Half - Japanese and  Half - Korean 

I been living in the Philippines for 12 years , I can speak Tagalog and understand it ......
But my accent is not great 😅.

My family moved here in the Philippines 12 years ago to see and experience what it feels like to live in here . My family and me fell in love in the culture of the Philippines and the people so my family decided to live here .


♠ I'm very shy around other people i don't know .

♠ I'm a very VERY clumsy person .

♠ I'm a foodlover. I eat everything that looks and smell great .

♠ I'm very fond to animals

♠ I actually sucks at cooking.
( But at least I try my best ! )


♠ I'm a lazy person

♠ I love anime so much that I cosplay a lot
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