Hello wizards, witches and muggles of the Earth :)

My Main Stories are:
A Winged Angel: Completed
Katrina Scott and the Quidditch Crush: Completed
Something the Blind can see: On-going
Katrina Scott and the Last Ball: On-going

My name is Connie, and I am a 13 (ALMOST 14) year old teenager from London. I've lived in London my whole life, and the furthest I've been away from home is to Sussex. I'm going to be starting Year 10 in September, although I have started GCSE topics in Maths, RE and Art.

My Tumblr: mynameisconnieb.tumblr.com (alot of people ask me for my Tumblr, so here it is!)

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MyNameIsConnieB MyNameIsConnieB Aug 08, 2013 04:54PM
I updated Something the Blind Can See and I'm pretty sure that's the longest chapter I've ever wrote. 5 freaking pages?! I could barely manage one when I first started, honestly! Love you <3
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