Hey. Name's Tobin but I'm ok with most nicknames y'all wanna give me. I'm a friendly person so long as you're not a complete *sshole. I have several Fandoms I'm currently into. I'll name the ones I can remember at the moment.

The Owl House
Once Upon A Time
My Hero Academia
TWD (The Telltale Games)
Blue Exorcist (though I've only fully watched the first season and still need to read more of the manga)
Hazbin Hotel
SCP (Don't know as much as probably other people know)
Doctor Who
Steven Universe (Not even that much but must include. Personally prefer most headcanons over the actual show most of the time)
Rise of the Guardians
Sally Face (Recently rewatched it and obsessed again.)
The Lorax (Hey! I thought the Once-ler was cute don't judge me!)
Miraculous Ladybug
MLP (I watched it a lot with my sister. Shut up)
Magi (Adventure of Sinbad, The Labyrinth of Magic, and The Kingdom of Magic. Though it has been a long time. need to catch up on it all.)
Gravity Falls
Attack on Titan (though i do need to catch up on it)
Avengers (Loki is sexy. I will not be judged for this.)
How to Train your Dragon
Harry Potter (no i do not agree with JK Rowling on a lot of her views but I can still hate her as a person and enjoy the Harry Potter universe. Get off your high horse and let me enjoy what I want. ffs.)
Star vs The Forces of Evil

Those are all the Fandoms that I can recall at the moment. If I remember one I'll add it. I mostly do roleplays but if you think I could write a good book/fanfiction let me know. Have Fun Ya'll!!
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