Hi guys, I just made a Ko-fi. If you've consumed one of my stories and would like to support me in my pursue of traditional publishing, you can buy me a coffee. Donations can be as little as $1. Give however much, or little, you feel. Thank you! I really appreciate the support!


@MollyNight whats the link?


@smashin_keio not as of now, sorry!


Hey, has anyone noticed that Zayn's song I don't wanna live forever completely matches with the story DnDL


Hey guys! Finding a Mystery/Thriller/Action story? You don't need to worry now because I have something for you. 

          Just click the link above,  and you'll see. The story is amazing. I love reading it. The writer has a good writing skills. Don't miss the chance to know her. Thank you!


I was hoping evie would awake in her coffin as a vampire that some would have gotten to her before the 24hrs was up 


Will there be a sequel of dark and dangerous because zayn at the end was told he will find someone who will love him back.