Hey gang! Happy New Year! If you guys wanna check out some awesome short films, you should check out my friend's website! I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! You guys are the best! :)


I am so sorry if I got your gender wrong please don't get mad
          •☼☆☼•  •☼☆☼•  •☼☆☼•  •☼☆☼•
          α шяιтєя, ∂яєαмєя, ∂єsιgиєя, gιяI.
          α сяєαтоя, ιмαgιиєя, gιяI.
          α ғιgнтєя, шαяяιоя, нєяо, gιяI.
          α gιяI шιтн sсαяs оғ вєαцтч.
          gιяIs αяє шє, шє αяє α мчsтєяч.
          sо sтαят ∂яєαмιиg gιяI, чоц соцI∂ мαкє нιsтояч 
          •☼☆☼•  •☼☆☼•  •☼☆☼•  •☼☆☼•
          Copy and paste this and put it on 20 other girls’ message board to help encourage and promote girls.
          Hope you can complete it!


          You have been booped!
          Now you must go to 20 Wattpadders. May they be your best friends, fav authors, just super nice people and supportive followers who are just plain cool!
          Go boop them!


Happy New Year's Eve everyone. Here's to the hope that 2021 will be better than 2020. I mean... how much worse can it?


@MolMcN well what if covid = Zombies XD idk maybe turn out like Train To Busan


@MolMcN happy new year! Also, you just jinxed it


@MolMcN Never ask that question, but  have a Happy New Year all the same!


Can i give a request?
          Could you maybe do a Percabeth meets Spideychelle oneshot or something. Thx