“Dare to be unique and bold! Write something out of the ordinary and let your imagination run wild!"
          Don't be discouraged in writing, it's okay to take a break sometimes but please don't give up. Being a writer isn't easy because you're trying to make a masterpiece out of a blank paper and sometimes it makes you go crazy.
          Sometimes you lose your ink and sometimes you don't have time to think, so take a break and relax... 
          Your works will bloom at the right time.


Hi everyone sorry to interrupt you but I'm just here to flex my own story.Its about Angels and devils if ever na interested kayong magbasa just click the links below↓,Thanks a lot ^_^
          Angel of Revenge:Anatasia



Hey, Good Eve! Thanks for the follow. By the way, I'm MysteriousInfinite. Call me Terious or Teri for short. I'm one of the admin, host, and judge of the Winx Club book awards. Feel free to DM me or ask me regarding about the book awards. I'm glad to entertain you. Goodluck to you, and your story! Have a nice day! Padayon co-author! ❤✊



@Rachel_RelonJin opo.. sasali po ako❤️❤️❤️