Hey guys! Taking a short break from writing to spend time with my boyfriend, who is moving away on the 8th. I’ll be back by the end of the week, and to make it up to you, I have a super exciting announcement!! Hope you all understand (: See you soon!


@Midika have fun girl i know how you feel cause i have one to 


@Midika yall r so cute together, I'm super excited for the announcement!!! 


Have fun. I just love your writing, hope you get back soon :) 


Hello, i just stumbled on your Alpha Kaden stort on Galatea and saw you was on wattpad. So i re download this app just to read your stories. I am even going to buy all the published books when I get a chance because these stories are so amazing
          I just finished reading Alpha Asher and really want to know if you have already started the sequel to that. The ending was such a twist I am lost for words. 


I know you said that you are sadly discontinuing Skinwalkers but I was wondering since it has been a few years if you could just write like a chapter or two of a happy ever after. I understand if you can't but please consider it❤


I love your alpha Jasper the most so when fate is about Jasper's daughter, I was very excited and I even made a radish account for you and bought the chapters in fate to read more of fate and zayla. I just completed 85th chapter yesterday and the more I read, more I feel the pain. I didn't expect fate to give up on zayla(wrath). I still love the story but it's going to be hard to love fate and lucky's pair all of a sudden but I will try. 
          PS: The song that suits this story is 'bring back to life' by Evanescence. It suits zayla. 


This ruined a lot for me 


Hey as someone who hasn’t purchased radish can you please mark your comment as *Spoiler Alerts* 


Hello Midika. I absolutely adore your books and I own all of the published ones. I was wondering if you were planning to publish the new ones and if so, when? I would love to have physical copies of the books I adore so much, so I can reread them all the time. Thank you!