Hey guys!
          	This is Sophie, the owner of this account (check my Snapchat to see my announcement of being hacked) 
          	It’s very obvious I have been hacked, and this is an incident myself and others I work with take very seriously. This will be investigated throughly, as many companies are involved with my account, and an incident such as this is unacceptable. 
          	Wattpad is aware of the situation. 


@Midika Wait ignore my last comment - thought's chapter just got published!!!! So excited to read!!!! :)


@Midika Oh I'm really sorry to hear this :(  
          	  Does this mean you won't be publishing anymore? Or will you create a new account so we can still read your books? I hope you do - cuz I love Thoughts book.


@midika omg glad everything is going to be okay! Lol I kind of freaked when u replied! I absolutely love and adore your writing esp Alpha Asher its always been my fave ever since I stumbled upon it three years ago. Hope you’re well! Can’t wait to read more amazing works from you!! ❤️❤️


Hi dear writer , I really appreciate your book so so much , i love your style of writing and the idea of the story , and the cover and allll of it , so here's a small demand ( it's a stupid one but I'll love of you do it for me ) : if you know the name of the guy in the cover could you please give me his name coz I have a crush on him  . 
          I want say that you write such a big writer and I see that you will have a big carrier in future . 
          Thank you in advance 


@DouFila there is nothing special about him his name is misrolav cech


I hope that alpha jaxon’s story will be continued. It’s really a good book and we readers anticipate much about it. The cliffhangers and unresolved mysteries eat me up.