Hey y’all! Long time, no see...
          	I took a small break from Wattpad to transition into a new job and it’s been crazy! I logged in this morning to see an abundance of messages both sent to me privately and left on my public board that I’m working to respond to! 
          	A frequent inquiry I’ve noticed, however, have been those of you kind enough to check in and ask how the TCOTA revision is coming along so I figured I’d answer this publicly so those of you who are silently wondering the same thing can also have answers :) 
          	I’m still working on the rewrite—it’s coming rather slowly, I’m afraid. It’s taken quite some time to figure out a balance of new and old between reinventing the story and retaining its original charm and structure. Don’t worry, though, it will be finished sooner than later and I’m SO excited for everyone to read it! 
          	I hope you’ve all been doing well! Stay safe and healthy out there :) 
          	MaybeManhattan .x


Are you going to be able to finish carnal please please say yes so excited to have you back!! 


I recently started to work for the first time and now I'm respecting you and the time you put to write into a whole new level. So don't stress and thanks for taking your time to check in ❤


@MaybeManhattan hope all is good!


I just finished reading Primal, it is is one of the best books I have read on Wattpad thus far! Excited to read the sequel next! 


          Hey buds ❤
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          Just finished carnal. Its an amazing book ❤️ loved it so mich couldn't stop reading and i finished both the books in 3to4 days 
          I hope u write a bonas chapter showing Cain and Ella as parents
          Do consider it because everyone would love for a glimpse of it


Whenever I see an author on wattpad being off for more than 3 months I get panicked..because many don't come back. I hope everything is fine and that we will hear from you soon! Greetings from Germany ♡ 


Any of your stories published, or getting published into real paper books? In looking to buy book to stock my new book shelf and really love your stories.


Hello I just finished Code of the Alpha and wanted to let you know how much I loved it.     It was so well written, spelling, grammar, the storyline, and character development were amazing and you wrote it at 13-14 years old wow.  I've read A LOT of stories and this one held my attention from beginning to end.  Love the comedic side also.  Was waiting for Bates to be paired with Madeline...the straight laced and the comic (but Blaine was good too).  Need another book Bates finds his mate....and something more on Hanna why she was how she was...and more on the kids (they are always adorable).  Going to check out some of your other stories next.  Thanks for a great story.


Guuuuurl!! You outdid yourself with Carnal. I read Primal in one day and Carnal in 2. They were both excellent and you were so good at hiding the bad guy!! Thank you for sharing your talent.