Hey! I'm moving to a different account called TaterTotsGiveMeHeartburn soon!


Maybe a different name.


For any newcomers to this profile, I have resigned and will no longer be apart or associated with this account. I have grown out of my old habits and moved on. I was extremely disrespectful towards my family, when all of this happened. I still watch these gamers I wrote about, and to be honest I wish I could apologize to everyone. This doesn't excuse my past behavior, but feel free to contact me about where and who I am now. Because I have grown up. It's been almost three years since then. I was 12 when I started this account. I'm 15 and an edgy meme loving artist now. I hope this is of use to matsumanias disappearance.


Thought I'd let you know, but I made you a cover for Jack's Journal if you wanna use it. If not, that's cool, just wanted to make sure you knew about it


Heya. I'm Sorry I've been gone long. I have resigned. I may come back to do some viewing. But staying offline. I'm sorry.


Hey SepticFan34, thanks for staying with my page since i started this whole journey. So thank you for staying and i still lobe you works!!!