I'm aware many of you probably know of this right now, but as someone who lives in NSW Australia, the fires ravaging my country have really affected so many communities and people (including my own). This devastation has touched just about everyone in Australia now. Over 500 MILLION animals have died, over 26 million acres of land have burned, over 5,900 buildings have been destroyed (including over 2,204 homes) and 29 people have been killed (a couple of which I know). Please spread the word about this to anyone who may know, and I know it's hard to find the money to spare, but if anyone has any spare money to donate, there are so many charities running right now to help those who have lost everything. If you find a better charity to donate to, please go ahead, but I'll link  one down below nonetheless. 
          	I hope that all my readers in Australia with me are alright, and pray that no other country has to ever endure this devastation.
          	Thank you for your time xxx


@Marvel_Mockingjays I may not be able to donate, but I will give you something else—my care and support. Times have been hard for all of us lately, Australia maybe getting the worst of things. But I'm here for you, your country, and anyone else that needs it.
          	   (I'm American so I don't know much about the situations elsewhere; I just do what I can)


@Marvel_Mockingjays I'm so sorry! Praying for you and hope everything turns out alright. :)


this message may be offensive
@Marvel_Mockingjays Our Prime Minister is an idiot, and he should be able to see that times have become so desperate that a platform made for writing is now be used to garner support. And while he should, he's off having a riot in fucking Hawaii, when half of his country is on fucking fire and the other is about to face a cyclone! 
          	  Sorry got a bit wound up. Hope your place and town is restored and is getting further requirements.


Hi,  I hope you're ok.. You haven't update or been active in a couple of months and the world is a bit crazy right now so I really hope you're good... Say safe! Lots of love


Hi! I hope you've been doing well and staying safe. You've been really inactive for a while, and I'm a bit worried. Are you doing okay? Its okay if you don't update, but I just hopw you're alright


Hey! It’s been sometime since you’ve been active and I’m pretty sure everyone is worried, hope you’re all right and our concern is for nothing. ❤️❤️ 


Hey! I was wondering you're alright? You sorta disappeared for a while and none of your books have been updated for a few months, and I'm worried that something is wrong.
          I've gotten really attached to Lillian and I've cried every 10 minutes or so after reading the 3 books (especially since johnny is like, LONG gone).
          I really hope you're alright and everything is okay. 


First off, I LOVE your writing. I'm finally getting back into it after *many* years not doing so. If you happen to have time would you mind taking a look at what I've published so far? I'd like to get feed back from writers I enjoy. Thank you!


I only just read the article on your writing and even though it was five years ago, it's a really great achievement!! I would kill for there to be an article about me!! I hope you didn't take it for granted and appreciated how hard-working you are to have a newspaper article about you!!


I am donating weekly toward the fires! I hope everyone who got injured is okay and I'm sorry about your friends.


HI! I thought you should know that The Enemy by @Khbhmh is very much related to your book, falling for the enemy. Me and @The_Avenger_Queen  both read It and agreed so we though you should know in case. If you don't care I'm sorry for bothering you.


We think that it may have stolen many aspects of the book. Your book is very popular and well written and we’d hate to see somebody steal from it.