Yay! As of 06-08-2020, The Myth 1 of Hades reached 200K reads! Yay! Thank you very much everyone. Lovelots! ♥️
          	I'll be updating on Twitter kung kailan ako magu-UD at kailan ako tinatamad HAHAHA. 


How about a werewolf and god story? ✌️ Looking forward to all of your stories. Will never get tired of reading your books. 


permission to post on your wall po Author :)
           if your interested into thrill/Mystery and One Shot story kindly visit my account @hyeperYouLyn.  i have 2 published stories right now and currently updating the second one. entitled Hide And Seek Ongoing pa ho ito. sana manotice niyo thank you :>


Hi ate! I'm a fan of yours! Sana wag kang tumigil magsulat kasi ang gaganda ng mga gawa mo. Sana marami pang makabasa ng mga sinusulat mo, God bless you!"