Please stop asking. It's over. 


@MangoKiwi im sad for me because i love your books, but i respect your decision. i will forever miss you


@ChappyTheGreat That was a greatly inspirational and heartfelt speech that I very much agree to. I love you and your works, MangoKiwi, and I hope that you are very happy right now. :)


@MangoKiwi I respect your decision Mango. Thank you for the great stories, I hope to see you do great in whatever you decide to do. *Smiles*


Hello/Dear Mango
          If you're reading this, I'm a follower who's old account's been deleted by a hacker around Octorber 2018, I've loved your books for a while(only about a year and a half XD), so remembering about them helped me cope on losong everything, and what made it worse is that I almost had 100 followers(I had 98 followers by the time my account was deleted ;-;)
          In general I wanted to say your books are amazing, I hope you come back and start writing again, I'm sure it will make me and everyone happy


Mango, if you're reading this, I hope you come back one day or whenever you like. I really like your stories and other people too. No matter where you are, people will still love you. :)