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1) Prefer double rps so it's fair both ways but I don't mind single rps too. If you want to start a rp hmu with who and what type of rp you want.

2) rp in First please have at least 2-3 lines in response and third 3-4. It's hard if you just give me one word to work on. If it feels like I'm not getting any effort back I would delete the rp after a warning.

3) do not break the rp just to speak to the ooa. Ruins the whole mood. If you would like to talk to the ooa (me) text me on the bio your oc is rp with or message my discord.

4) I love drama. Give me the intense drama in the rp. But any outside drama take it and leave. Ty

5) my replies are delayed sometimes because I have personal issues going on outside of wattpad so please allow 3 days. If you don't want to wait that long don't rp with me or if we are already in a rp hmu and we can talk about it.

6) my ocs do not fall in love after one day of knowing another oc so please don't try and force it I'm trying to make it realistic as possible. For myself and for you.

7) i only do straight rps only because i have no experience in MxM or GxG and so on so it will be boring and it will be cringe when i don't know how to rp certain scenes. anyways if you don't like that then just block or unfollow

8) I don't rp with single accounts because I find it weird and I don't rp with an all girls account just because of previous trauma.

Other than that. Enjoy (:

✅I do first and third literate/ illiterate. Take your pick ✅

Discord: faye#7276 hmu with rps or ooa chats
Instagram: fayexjwp
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