'Hi, Hello, Hey. What's up everybody. it's the ceiling, like allways.' ~ if you know who that's from I will love you forever. 

gay ships are yay ship

i swear all the f**king time and I usually won't do that to it. if your ok with it and your the person I'm talking to

my OTP'S are solanglo, billdip, bubble, Phan, stony, spidypool and Ereri notice a them

it's possible that i have bipolar and/or depression

I'm a boy, and I don't care what my partner is

main fandoms include
atack on titan
7 deadly sins
gravity falls
Harry Potter
rise of the gardens
how to train your Dragon
don't worry there's more

I'm a complet marvel geek

you can call me. Ty, Tyler, Nova, Freya Flame, the unpopular person with a popular fren, or ThatOneCrazyPhanChild

I have some form of anxity problem that they won't name. 'sarcasm' Yay

any one else note that atack on titan is AOT, and trials of Apollo is, TOA. so it's AOT and TOA. AOT TOA. Anyone else see that

'I'm a full time Internet homo' -Dan Howell
thank you for that amazing quote that. It is love it is life

gay, straight, bi, pan, trans, agender, aromantic, asexual, green, cow, outer space being, dust floting in a school, chesey valintines day card, peace a lint, or anything under the sun as long as your
1) Happy-ish
2) not hurting someone else
3) and don't judge peopel because of there Sexualty, gender identity, or anything along those lines.
then I'm happy to see you here.
and I can't wait to talk to you. and I'm sure your wicked cool. :) <3

I'm not that grate at spelling

If you follow me you become part of the Dam Fam


Yea this what I'm like in conversations alot

spoiler down there ->

Dipper Pines real name is mason.
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MackThePhanChild MackThePhanChild Mar 26, 2017 04:52PM
Hey I'm righting again and I have a story out that I need to name its a Draco x oc story and it would help me a lot if I had some feed back. :)
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