stan ateez 


@ MILKLIPS  of course we did ❤️


          	  Proudly, i am (・∀・)


I hope this doesn’t bother you because you work hard on your amazing stories but I was wondering if you could post the more explicit Narcos story on Wattpad as well not just Ao3? I really wanted to read that but I’m not sure if I trust Ao3 with my information so I didn’t send an Invite. I really hope I’m not asking for too much and I’m not bothering you, I totally understand if you won’t post it but I at least wanted to at least try and ask. Have a good day and I can’t wait for your future stories!


hey! I really love your books and I was reading apple juice and you gave your Twitter accounts so ofcourse I searched you up as I was excited for the upcoming au's but nothing came up.. so yeah
          and I really really love narcos I'm obsessed, I can't find it on ao3.. can you please give your ao3 account or the title of narcos on ao3?
          bye and thanks <3