So yeah, Lyfeo M Jay has been gone a minute, more like a month and it feels like things aren't what they used to be before.
          	We would come on here and read these amazing stories, live, laugh love, sharing magic with the characters he made and now its not happening anymore.
          	I'm sorry for that, life took the most dramatic turn for me and I am still processing, grieving, getting a grip on the reality that the person I thought I wouldn't lose, I lost.
          	I haven't been updating because life has me in a vice, and I can't find the right words to even express how I feel, its going to take a few more minutes to have me back into writing shape, or even a safe space where I can be Lyfeo the writer.
          	So I'm truly sorry for disappointing you and for not coming through on the best stories yet.
          	I do hope you're all doing okay and that life is treating you all well and that soon, we'll be sharing magic again.
          	your healing author.
          	Saint Jay.


@Lyfeo_M_Jay take care of your self hon. We can wait. You need to be better and healthy first. Sending a lot of lovw to you. Take your time. 


My condolences 
          	  May they RIP 
          	  Wish you the best during this process of healing 


Don't be you come first I can't say it will get better right away but little by little it will. And we can wait as long as you are ok first. 


Hi there. Do you have any plan to publish a story about Alexis, Koda and also Alexis's rejected mate cause I really want to know their story and what will happen to them. By the way I really love your stories ever since I started reading here in wattpad.