Hello, it's your local pansexual sleep deprived crack head clown here :D 

Been an ARMY and MOA and kpop fan since 2019, Vmin friendship is my life🤧💜 Always been a hoe for some good yoonmin fanfics, Yeonjun and beomgyu are my favorite noonas😩✊💓

YEONJUN👏IN👏A👏CROP👏TOP👏WITH👏PINK👏HAIR👏SUPREMACY!!😚👏🏻(I'll never shut up about it, it was iconic, f*c gender stereotypes😬 that man is the only man that makes me kinda straight- wait actually every single male idol I stan is the only reason I am kinda straight- and every single female idol is one of the reasons I am more gay-🤡😭)

I love every single one of you, weather you are straight, pan, bi, lesbian, gay, trans, non-binary, bigender, ace, poly, questioning, queer, demi, black, white, Asian, caucasian or a clown like Me, I love you all regardless of your age, gender, sexuality, race, anything, If you feel like talking to someone or want a friend I am always available (although I have been busy with college but I'll still make time for you) So don't feel like you are alone cause you never walk alone💞

Idk how but writing fanfics is my hobby even if my English is worse than your average 8 yo kid soo If I ever ended up writing a fanfic I want to sincerely apologize to the person who might read it for my crap grammer skills😔 becuz English isn't my mother tongue so EyE SuKz iN enGliHs okayyy,, Anyways I hope you all are staying safe and healthy, take care fellow clowns drink loads of water and don't skip meals or my clownass will swim to your country and smack you with jins slippers😀💞 lmao sleep well, peace🤡✌
  • India but also in your heart❤ jk :'3
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