Hi all my lovely readers,
          	First of all thank you so much for reading my stories and voting on them. I read your comments but if you see I don't answer them it means most likely I didn't have time. But know that I read all of them and take them to account. It means a lot to me.
          	Just letting everyone know that I'm working on several stories at the moment. To name a few, Lacuna, Indra Otsutsuki reborn, Ikemen stories such as True God of war and Empress of the underworld and many more.
          	Please be patient as I'm trying to write good chapters not speedy messy chapters. 
          	Updates will be coming soon. So keep a look out. Oh and happy belated new year. sorry for that as I was busy with work.
          	Stay safe everyone!
          	- Luna


@Luna_Uchiha1 Please update "Tobirama Uchiha?!".   It's really good and really funny to read.


@Luna_Uchiha1 Still waiting for an update, When will you be able to update again? 
          	  One of your khr fanfic named Illusion is interesting.
          	  I hope that you will be able to update it.
          	  Willing to wait for an update.


@Luna_Uchiha1 you're alive?