Hope you are doing good☺
          Well did you ever dream of being at Hogwarts a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and wonder which house you would belong to? 
          Yes people like us exist and we can call ourselves as witches and wizards too in our own created magical world "HogwartsFeels"
          So me and @cindrella212 have come with an amazing idea where all of your dreams would come true. Even your fantasy of entering into Hogwarts and getting sorted into your favourite houses might get fulfilled. There would some more amazing games and tasks. 
          One minute one minute  If I would tell everything now then there won’t remain any surprise. 
          We will be starting the school early this time Not wanting to wait till we will confirm your seat in the school once you follow @HogwartsFeels


I’ve read Junoseque months ago and I recently began reading Ethereal, I hadn’t realized that they were written by the same author. I love your writing very much!! Keep it up! 


Does Etheral and Junoseque have similiar OC's?


            Sort of. There are connections between the two but they're only very minor e.g. Ethereal's character has a wand with flowers on it and Junoesque's character is often referred to as a flower. Junoesque's character's wand has stars on it and Ethereal's character is gifted in star reading. But personalities and looks wise are different for each character :)


I've just read both of your HP books and they were/are amazing, you're so talented!! ❤️ I'm gonna read now your Newt books and I'm sure as hell that they're just as awesome as the potter ones!
          Love you girl ❤️❤️


I now this must be stupid but I need help figuring out which book is the first book I the newt series please


Ethereal was-is amazing. I just finished it but I cannot believe how much I have cried, laughed and smiled throughout the book. 
          I am about to start Junoesque and I am so excited!