Hi there! I hope you're doing good. So uhm, I was going through my followers and I came across yours, I realized that you haven't been keeping up with my books, XD. I understand that real life can be hectic sometimes but if you ever get the chance, please do not hesitate and I'd very much appreciate it if you check out my books!
          They are;
          “The Bluemoon Ball,” Fantasy(Novella)
          “A Demon A Day” Paranormal 
          “Of Monsters and Of Men||BWWM" Paranormal, Fantasy and urban. Nigerian romance. 
          “The Love Job” Nigerian romance. 
          Thanks ❤❤
          I look forward to your votes/comments and reviews. 


@EV_Lunar am sorry, I don't usually come much on wattpad this days. But don't worry. I'll check on the books