Am just a girl...that's all....Am only human...bleed when I fall...crush when I break down...

Love everyone....and that's the problem
Love music and singing ..because it's a part of me....
Smile and laugh in front of others when am happy or not because ....its normal
An extrovert I am but can also be an introvert. ..It depends on my mood..
Am unpredictable...its not my fault
Am annoying...i know ...i love it.

Love reading....Love is even an understatement....I love love love reading. .
Prove it? Ok spent all my life reading to the extent that got eye problem....Yup but went to see an eye specialist with mum and yup 'treatment '
Does it make sense ? Well it does to me though. .After treatment still read
Stubborn? Ummmm unless you tell me
Believe in love? Lol use to but not anymore lol
Movies..? Ummmm Korean dramas and Action movies..I'd die for them lol especially Korean dramas I know am exaggerating about the dying part but it's somehow true
Am just tryna be myself here
Wait....Am I?

Name? Addenilla but you can call me any name of your choice so far as it's nice I will accept. ..but we will have to sign a contract about that lol
Music? Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee music
It's kept me alive till today.
Cupcakes? Gosh someone hit me. .I go crazy with the mention of the name itself
Ice cream? Hell yes!! I mean who doesn't like ice cream
Chocolates? Nope don't like them ...will eat only when it's being put in the refrigerator and it's hard. .hey u can't blame me..

Role model? Ummmm it's I guess someone who stands for the truth always no matter what...gosh like am even proud of people like that like whattttttt
Me? Am just human and a girl as I said am just ummmm I won't say friendly because I am friendly

I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no one
Love watching Henry danger sometimes
And it's weird when I watch my parents flirting with each other like ewwwww

I talk to myself everyday and my teddy bear he's soooooooo irresistible. ..hey u can't blame me
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