(FALLOW READERS: I'm at the limit of 1000! And i've been wanting to skim the list for non active profiles! So my fellow readers that are following me, have patients with me! I will follow you back when i'm done! 
WRITERS: for the ones i discovered later on, your books are in my archives/library to read but to follow you eventually i have to skim that damn list lol)
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Well here goes nothing...

I have zero imagination and suffering from some chronic (long-term) illnesses so all i do is read (my no.1 obsession but i do have other hobbies lol), i always loved and still love to read. That is how i pass my time.

I'm a sucker for the werewolf genre and series/sequals/prequals (that doesn't mean you must shamelessly start promote your sh*t to me if and when you are good trust me i'll find you).

And apperently i found out i'm a 'fangirl' hihi. Being a Christian (and the biggest hipocrite in this f*cked up world i must add) I have no shame in that, so sue me.

What people, let me repeat that, PEOPLE, do in the privacy of there own bedroom or home is there own f*cking business.

If you were so interressed in my info sorry it wasn't that because truth be told i'm a f*cking bore to be around. But thanks alot for reading my little rant.

I kinda grew out of my shame and made my mxm reading lists. They concists of books i read. Completed/finished ones and the ones i'm reading now (normal ones too). I feel like the readinglists represents me better than the ever growing followlist haha.

Well peace out for now
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Better late then never but HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my little treasures! May this year be in your favor! 
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