hayo people I'm lilMissLumpy I'd say my real name but I like dis one better! I'm 13,I live with my mom and big sis, I'm the migget of the family(even if I'm taler then both my sister's). My favorite food is lasagna, my hair color is cotton candy, and I love to wear the most loud and brightest thing possible(also would appreciate if it looked like old lady close).I hate sleeping,but love food(as you can tell by my name ).Im also known as Green Tomato,hippo,a man,a man hippo, and Marah. All of them have a stories! Green Tomato I got a long time ago, between the ages 3-7 a tornado was coming and so I was scared, ( first ever witness of one ) and I would always pronounce it tomato.Then my sis went and said that if the clouds are green, that there definitely coming,and as a young stupid child I took that wrong to so all I pictured was a giant green tomato crashing into the city. But it doesn't end there, years later when I'm eleven, I shared the story with the class as some get to know each other thing, so for weeks people were yelling BEWARE THE GREEN TOMATO! so green tomato was born.I got the name hippo because one jerk kept calling me one cause of my lack of fitness, so instead of getting mad and telling on him I became one with the hippo and mad it into a joke!and it stuck NO REGRETS! Ok so a man was a total accident at first but it grew on me fast, a while ago my hair was supper short so I looked a lot like a boy, and this one person asked and I acedently and I said yes, then realizing wut I said, I said no, then I was like well here's a chance to be funny and I said in a cheesy deep man voice I said I'm a man, and said it ever since!a man hippo went together from a friend I was talking to him and he asked wut I was and I said a man, no a hippo,wait a man.So he shouted A THE MAN HIPPO RULES ALL!and there u go.I had no choice in Marah,I wasn't allowed to pick my name, it means bitter in some sort of language.I'm sory but I ran out of space to put lilMissLumpys stori!
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Guys imma delete wattpad sorry. Thank you to everyone who supported me. I love u all and have a fantastic life okay
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