and i'm so scared of losing,
          	so scared of you leaving me.
          	so scared that if you leave,
          	i won't be able to breathe.


my breath definitely got taken away.


okokok so this is a little thing because i don't think I've ever wrote you something but Dylan tysm for everything you are extremely sweet and kind also silly ilysm i was your first friend everrrr so i should be your favorite other then Loren (i know she change but idk how to spell that name cx) but anyway thank you for being a shoulder to cry on and someone to make me happy I'm always here for you together forever and always i love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Aaron cx 


hi , friend , person , BUDDY , i just wanna say that i love you very much. it's been five months since we first met and let me tell ya ass. IM SHOOL. you're one of my best friends , and i wanna say thank you and i love you. you stayed with me even though i was a crusty ho at times. i don't even know what else i should say besides i love you. ;-; rip. you will forever be my best friend and boyfriend v.v okok