We’ve had quite a few volunteers for LGBT United, LGBT Competitions, and etc but if there is anyone else who would like to volunteer just privately message LGBT_HeadQuarters or @TheAlias. 

          Hi everyone I know self promo can be quite annoying, however if anyone is interested I would really appreciate it if you checked out my new Larry Stylinson fanfiction. 
          It's a 'stepbrother' AU with a side ship of Ziam Mayne. If you do decide to read it all votes and comments will be appreciated!!!


Hi just want to ask something cause I was reading this story but I wasn't able to save it.... hopefully someone knows it and could help me out :(
          Its a GxG story. So the plot is like, the girl has two different identity in school and outside school. She has a guy bestfriend then there was this new girl she bumbed in school. Then the bestfriend and her went to a party.... thats all I remembered. Huhu hope someone can find me help the story cause its really goooood! 
          thank youuu in advance!!!! 


@nikka0312 hope you already find it. And share the title. Im curios


          I’m treepipit and I write girlxgirl fantasy romance novels. (A little bit about me is in my bio) I would be happy to know what you think about my stories (positive ideas and suggestions)) If you are more into mages, a girl in a parallel world, love triangles, and girls’ love slow burn, check out “Avis in Between”. If you like quicker gxg romantic events, magical creatures (girlxmermaid), interracial relations, and forbidden love - you’ll, probably, love “Fairytales for a human”
          Have a great day ❤️


I came out to my mom and she said it was just a phase. Anyone relate? (i told her im bi)


@hiatus_for_now i told my mom that I'm a bi, she doesn't look happy about it but didn't say anything. 


@hiatus_for_now they caught me watching yuri, and said I was just experimenting, but I'm not