For the fellow fans of Lili Reinhart, from the show Riverdale, here's her coming out as bisexual!
          	Let's support her as much as we can!


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hey, i'm so sorry to bother you but this is really important and it can be a little triggering. 
          as you might know, a lot of people struggle these days in their lives over so many topics out of which, r*pe is a really important one and so many people have to suffer that on a regular basis which is not fair. so, as a citizen of this world, how about we all unite? i know, due to the corona virus, we cant do much but we can do the following things: 
          1) please sign this petition: 
          (Please remember to confirm by checking your email that you've signed it)
          2) if you're on twitter please tweet these hashtags at least once everyday or reply with these hashtags to related tweets 
           #WeAreAgainstRape #RapeIsNotAJoke #StopRape #StandUpAgainstRape #WeNeedJustice #Justice #RapistsDeserveProperPunishment 
          3) please spread this around by announcing it to your followers, writing chapters/books about it, sharing it with others on other social media and just as much as you can. 
          also, please don't just spread it around, follow it yourself as well. 
          i hope you have a great day <3


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Honestly, I’m super confused rn, it’s been like this for a few months but I don’t know if my brain wants me to become a boy or I’m just really insect with my body...PLZ HELP


          My name is @treepipit
          I’m LGBT author (here on wattpad and tapas bluepolkadot)
          Hope you’ll like my girlxgirl romance novels! I would be happy to know what you think about them  
          If you are more into mages, a girl in a parallel world, love triangles, and girls’ love slow burn, check out “Avis in Between”. 
          If you like quicker gxg romantic events, magical creatures (girlxmermaid), interracial relations, and forbidden love - you’ll, probably, love “Fairytales for a human”
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Hello dear wattpaders! Here is a 16th century LGBT romance, 'NeelKaya'. 
          Do give it a try! 

          Based in the 16th century Maratha - the western state of India- is this story of two eternal embodiments of love. 
          Neelavari and Kaya, the former as pure as white, while the latter is the woman of night. 
          Where love was underrated, they both build their own pillars of it. Read their story of ignorance, acceptance and the fight that followed the union, NeelKaya.