Hi guys and gals. so i really love Macklemore's song 'same love' if you haven't heard it GO LISTEN it's amazing. :)
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          	♫And a certificate on paper isn’t gonna solve it all
          	   ♫ But it’s a damn good place to start
          	      ♫No law is gonna change us
          	        ♫ We have to change us
          	         ♫  Whatever god you believe in
          	           ♫We come from the same one
          	             ♫Strip away the fear
          	               ♫Underneath it’s all the same love
          	                 ♫ About time that we raised up
          	  ♫Macklemore &Ryan Lewis - Same Love ♫ -   post on your wall if you support gay rights! :)




Hi I was wonder if someone could help me find this girlxgirl book I once read, or even the author that wrote it. I think one of the girls names are Jade and Spencer but I'm not sure at all so I used A and B lol.
          Girl A is bestfriends with a guy, so close that ppl think they are dating, which they're not. Girl B is a cheerleader and girl A doesn't like girl B cus she's "too perfect". Well girl A's bestfriend ends up taking a pic of girl B while she was at cheer practice and sends it to his bestfriend girl A, to piss her off.
          Another factor is guy bestfriend likes girl B and asks girl A if she for sure doesnt like girl B which she replies no and so guy bestfriend asks girl B out which girl B is about to decline but guy bestfriend panics and says that girl A is going too so girl B decides to go, and everytime girl A goes to back out girl B tries to back out, so they then basically have a three way date, to dinner and bowling. 
          Guy bestfriend is unable to pay for the date so girl A gives him her card to pay but to make it look like he paid, even tho girl B notices and thanks girl A later on. Girl A ends up spending a lot of time with girl B from being pressured by her bestfriend to do so and talk about him to girl B to get her to like him and in turn girl A starts to really like girl B but is conflicted cus of her bestfriend liking girl B.


@own-anchor have you seen the title of this book cause I will love to read it


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If you like gay shit with a plot twist and character development, you should read my book Trust Fund!

          Please...I'm desperate because I'm proud of myself for actually writing something good...


          I think you need to see a conversation on project woman up wall that totally discriminates LGBT women. It started on March 3rd. Please support our rights


If you have time please check out the book I’ve just started writing, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it x