~Too beautiful, as much as too killing
Everything what scarres me
Everything what makes me happy
I love it too much
My life is so painful, I suffer all time
But I want to be alive, because It is too gorgeous
And this kills me inside~
~Too beautiful, as much too killing~ chorus from my own song

~I'm a normal human.~
With sad and boring life.~
~I have lost my addiction to writing couple months ago. I'm still trying to find it somewhere.~
~ I like reading beautiful stories there.~
~ I'm an otaku and fujoshi. And I'm an ARMY (OT7 stan right there)~
~I keen on Japan and Korean culture. I like reading books, drawing, listening to music (mostly BTS) and writing my own songs.~
~Nice to meet you all.~
~ Someday, you will see here an amzaing story. Someday.~
~Have a nice day~
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