Hi I'm Kittygolucky (Kitty for short)
I'm just here chilling in the corner of Wattpad reading books so yep that's me!

Umm so I edited this cause I realised after half a year of having this thing I should actually put some proper details so uhh here goes!

My fandoms at the moment are sanders sides and undertale (well they're my main two anyway).
I'm a multishipper!
I'm probably not ever gonna write anything so I honestly don't know why people follow me but for the people that do hi, and I guess thank you?
I usually end up reading on here between midnight & 4am so if I comment on a book and either send a really long message or say something that make no sense whatsoever that's why!

I'm tempted to post random stuff on my message board and try and have a conversation with anyone who wants to, so if you're reading this and want me to, let me know?

Profile pic drawn by e.drawspictures on instagram! (She's awesome and she does lots of cool stuff (possibly including commissions soon) so you should check her out if you can!)

Also I haven't been on much so if I didn't respond to something that's why, sorry!
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